What Do You Wear Under A Backless Dress?

At the CFDA Awards earlier this week, model Carmen Kass showed some serious skin in a backless Michael Kors dress. She couldn’t get away with a regular bra with this cut, and this got us to thinking: What do you wear underneath dresses with open backs? Keep reading for your best backless bra options.

Band-Aid Clear Spots, $3.29, Drugstore.com

If your chest is on the smaller side, you can get away without buying any special undergarments. However, on chilly nights you might want to stick something on top of your nipples, unless you want to incite staring. Regular ole Band-Aids might do the trick.
Fashion Forms Extreme Silicone Gel Petals, $15, Bloomingdale’s

For unlined or thinner dresses, Band-Aids probably won’t be enough, so put on a set of silicone petals.
Low-Back Multi-Way Bra With Gel-Curve, $37.50 on sale, Victoria’s Secret

When your open-back dress doesn’t plunge too deep, a bra with a band that wraps around your stomach will give you the most support.
The Natural Adhesive Lite Bra, $27.99, HerRoom

There are times when you want to wear a bra, not pasties, but the dress simply won’t allow it. That’s when you have to attach one on your breasts with stickers. Sadly, if you need more support than this, you just have to be extra selective when you’re dress shopping.