The Weirdest Google Searches Ever

I was LMAO when I discovered SEOLOL, a site that collects the weirdest search engine phrases on the interwebs. I mean, I’ve daydreamed about finding a “magic spell to shut someone up,” but I never thought about doing a Google search for it. Luckily, somebody out there in the universe did. Some of my other faves include “how to use your mind to fight evil” (I wish I knew), “hippo sandwich” (yum or yuck?), and “defonision for woot” (I think you’ll need the urban dictionary for that one). These are so ridiculous I decided to do a little research and find the weirdest search phrases that drove people to The Frisky. After the jump. a few of my favorite search terms that brought people to this site. What were you searching for when you happened upon us, dear readers?

  1. Twilight porn.” Do vampires make you horny, baby? Enough to do a Google search?
  2. places to have sex before you die.” Like a sex bucket list? Very creative, yet strange.
  3. Vaginas.” Interestingly, this is one of our most common search terms. Just vaginas. Why?
  4. vajazzling pictures.” You know you were curious about the logistics.
  5. homemade sex toys.” I don’t even want to know.

What’s the weirdest term you’ve ever Googled? [SEOLOL]