Nip And Tuck Without Going Under The Knife

Lately, it seems everywhere I turn I’m bombarded with images and stories of celebrity plastic surgery. I gawked at the TV incredulously as Heidi Montag revealed her plethora of cosmetic procedures to her flabbergasted mother on “The Hills.” I shook my head at the pages of coverage on Kate Hudson’s alleged boob job. Now, even Courtney Love has a new face?!?!

Our culture is obsessed with plastic surgery and it’s only getting worse. Women get “routine” liposuction and face lifts with the same nonchalance as going to the dentist for a cleaning. As my high school graduation present, my parents bought me a video camera; some of my classmates got new noses. On TV, you’re able to choose between a number of plastic surgery reality shows, and on the web, you can browse through before-and-after surgery pictures.

Obviously, we all want to look our best and be confident in our appearance. If you are one of the rare individuals who are absolutely satisfied with their entire physical form, then I salute you. For the rest of us, there are non-surgical ways to enhance and minimize areas that we are insecure about. After the jump, check out our five favorite ego-boosting quick fixes. SHAPEWEAR
I jumped on the shapewear bandwagon years ago, and I haven’t looked back. Shapewear is basically an undergarment that contains a high concentration of lycra or spandex. Its purpose is to smooth out any lumps and bumps, giving you an overall tighter and more seamless appearance. Muffin top? Shapewear can help. Cellulite showing through your silk dress? Shapewear to the rescue. The right shapewear can easily make you look 10 pounds lighter, adjust your posture, and eliminate the dreaded VPL (visible panty line). The most popular name in shapewear is Spanx, and for good reason — Oprah, Tyra Banks, Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba all swear by the slimming undergarments. In the past few years, Spanx has come out with some really great shapewear options, including bodyshapers, ready-to-wear apparel, pantyhouse, a men’s line, and, most recently, a line of slimming swimsuits.

Not everyone wants to be a 34DD. Some of us are happy with our itty bitties, but would like to be able to give our bosoms a little oomph once in a while. Enter the push-up bra. Sure, it’s not a new invention; Our mothers wore them to prom back in the day. But the latest crop of push-up bras blow our mother’s dowdy, thick strapped bras out of the water. For va-va-voom cleavage, try Victoria’s Secret Hello Bombshell Miraculous Push-Up Bra. The claim that it instantly adds 2 cup sizes is legit.

Shoes with heels give you an all-around thinner appearance, force you to stand up straighter, and lift your tush. If you’re clumsy like me, try wedges or platform pumps — they’re easier to walk in.

We all know wearing black makes you look slimmer. However, unless you’re Kelly Cutrone, you’re not going to wear black outfits on a daily basis. The trick is to wear darker colors on your larger areas. Navy and gray are both good options, and they’re a little less conventional than black. The cut of clothes also plays a big role in how you look. To minimize a large bust, avoid high-waisted pants, tops, and belts. To maximize a small bust, look for embellished necklines and shirts with ruching.

Uncomfortable with your nose? Change the way you part your hair. A middle part draws the eye directly down towards the nose, so try a side part. Thin lips? Play up your eyes with some fun eye makeup. It’s all about drawing attention away from the parts of yourself you aren’t happy with and instead refocusing that attention to the parts of yourself that you love.

If all else fails, you can always visit Heidi’s plastic surgeon. I hear he has a “buy nine procedures, get one free” special going on.