Naked Man Is Supposed To Inspire Men To Work Out

I thought ads were supposed to make you want to spend money, not projectile vomit. Copyranter, who likes to frighten us, points us to this gross and gory ad for Magali’s Workout System (er, Magali’s Workout System?). The catchphrase is “REBORN,” and, I guess, the idea is that if you are a dude, and you use Magali’s Workout System, which sounds like an exercise plan for genies, you will be reborn. Yet, the way they have decided to visually represent just how reborn you will feel post-workout is with an image of a naked, bloody, wet, screaming man lying on the floor like he just popped out of someone’s hoo-ha. His umbilical cord is still attached. Gross. There’s another one featuring a woman that’s so icky I’m not even going to link to it. So, there. In any case, if you’d like to see what a grown man looks like right after he leaves the birth canal, click on through. Potentially NSFW, unless you work at a gynecologist’s office.