Maybe No Fairytale Wedding For Prince William And Kate Middleton?

Two months ago, Princess Diana biographer and The Daily Beast editor-in-chief Tina Brown predicted Prince William and his longtime girlfriend, Kate Middleton, would announce their engagement last weekend. June 3rd and 4th came and went without a peep from across the pond. What gives?

Prince William is apparently pissed off because of at least one paparazzi pic of his girlfriend playing tennis on a family vacation, which was leaked to a German magazine. According to Brown’s sources, he suspects someone she knows is tipping the paps off, and he wishes Kate were more upset about it.Royal gossips say that Middleton’s family rented a vacation house in the British countryside and Kate was snapped playing tennis with her siblings on a private tennis court. Allegedly, Kate smiled for the photographer and said hello to him. The photo later appeared in a German tabloid.

Prince William hit the roof, according to Brown, and urged his girlfriend to sue the photography agency that employed the pap. She did, and won $7,219, which she donated to charity. But apparently William wanted Kate to sue the photographer personally and when she refused, he became suspicious that she is not as protective of her privacy. In the meantime, the same photographer has showed up elsewhere, leading William to believe someone in Kate’s inner circle is tipping him off to her whereabouts. Assuming there was going to be any sort of royal engagement announcement in the first place, it has allegedly been postponed.

Poor Will and Kate. Don’t break up, kids. You can work this out! [The Daily Beast]