Lindsay Lohan’s SCRAM Goes Off, She Posts Bail Before She Can Be Arrested

It’s been a whirlwind 12 hours or so for Lindsay Lohan. First, a bench warrant was issued for her arrest, after her SCRAM bracelet went off while she was attending the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday. Apparently, the SCRAM — issued last month after Lindsay, already on probation, failed to appear for her court date — showed evidence of alcohol in Lindsay’s system. Lindsay went to Twitter immediately, natch, to deny she violated anything, which means either the SCRAM is broken (uh huh) or Lindsay is lyin’. Regardless, the judge in the case wasn’t hearin’ any of Lindsay’s excuses and issued the warrant, setting bail at $200,000. I’m kind of confused as to how all this works, but basically then Lindsay was able to avoid being carted off to the pokey by having a bail bondsman pay 10 percent of that $200K. LiLo already has a July 6 court date to deal with violating her probation last month, but if she violates the current terms of her probation — i.e., her SCRAM goes off again — the judge will likely have her arrested and Lindsay will be begging Chanel for some wall decals to decorate her cell. I need a nap. Reading about Lohan drama is exhausting. [TMZ]