Lindsay Lohan Swears She Didn’t Drink. So What Happened?

At an after-party for the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday, Lindsay Lohan’s SCRAM anklet went off. The thing is supposed to monitor whether the person wearing it has any alcohol in their system, which leads us — and the judge who immediately issued a warrant for her arrest — to believe that LiLo was drinking. But the scandalicious actress swears it isn’t so. “These accusations are completely false,” she said. Lohan has a probation violation hearing set for July 6 and she has already posted 10 percent of her $200,000 bail in order to stay out of the slammer. [Radar Online]

Lindsay is so sure she didn’t have any alcohol in her system when her SCRAM went off that she has vowed to get proof before her court appearance. Of course, we’d like to help her in any way we can, so, after the jump, we have some excuses possible reasons for the SCRAM’s “mistake.”

  1. “My RedBull was spiked.” I mean, it’s totally possible, right? LiLo has made a fair amount of enemies due to her craziness, so maybe someone at the award show wanted to get her back. The thing is, she needs proof. Maybe one of her buddies can back her up.
  2. “It was the fake tanner!” Perhaps her Sevin Nyne spray tanner has trace amounts of alcohol in it. Maybe in a frenzy to get her skin darker, LiLo got some of that crap on her SCRAM bracelet. The reports did say there was only a small amount of alcohol in her system.
  3. “Perfume is the culprit!” Like fake tanner, perfume also contains small amounts of alcohol. Maybe some overly perfumed actress walked by and stunk up the place so bad it confused the bracelet. Tell the judge Paris Hilton was there!
  4. “Scarlett Johansson tried to steal it, that bitch!” SCRAM bracelets also go off when they are tampered with. Perhaps some celeb tried to borrow it to wear as an ironic accessory. All LiLo has to prove is that there were hipsters present at the MTV Awards and she’ll have no trouble convincing the judge. Maybe.
  5. “It was the fugly glittery pantsuit.” Lohan wore a really ugly one-piece pants romper thingy to the event that was so covered in glitter it made us feel like we were going cross-eyed. Perhaps the combination of bad taste and shiny stuff was too much for the SCRAM? It figured the actress must’ve been on something to rock an outfit that ugly, so it went off.