Is American Apparel Going Curvier?

American Apparel usually favors Ms. Skinny No-Boobs and hip-less hipsters to model its products. However, the retailer may be embracing curvier shapes (and not just in some one-off butt campaign). New product shots in the swimwear category (a good place to start if you want to make a statement) show girls in high-waisted bikinis with full butts and hips, muscular arms, and broader bone structures.

Interesting concept—if American Apparel, an already-established arbiter of cool for the masses, continues on this aesthetic path, could the company be the one to begin changing body ideals? Do you think these curvier American Apparel models are there to make a point? (Or do you think they’re even “curvy” at all?) Do you like the non-stick-thin sex appeal that’s going on here? [American Apparel]