Bye For Now: A Few Words About Catherine On Her Last Day At The Frisky

Two and a half years ago — wait, even longer than that! — I was hired to conceptualize and edit The Frisky and the first person I hired to join me in my blogging hen house was Catherine Strawn. I had met Catherine only a month or so before, while temping in the research department of a men’s magazine. I instantly recognized that Catherine was incredibly smart and possessed a talent that should have been focused on writing and editing her own material, not fact-checking the work of others. When it came time to fill an editor position on The Frisky, she was the first person I thought of. In her time at The Frisky she has proven my initial instinct about her tenfold, which is why I am so very sad to report that today is her last day at The Frisky. Catherine is moving on to Country Living magazine, where she’ll be a Senior Associate Editor. I urge you all to check out the first issue she works on, because it will no doubt possess all of the wonderful qualities she’s brought to The Frisky — style, substance, and wit among them.

After the jump, Catherine’s fellow Frisky staffers chime in with what they love and will miss most about her, even though we’re super excited for her and the new challenge she’s embarking upon.

I will miss having her just across the cubicle wall, always ready to answer my grammar questions, listen to my latest boy stories, and run the site when I am in a meeting, getting dumped, or just having a little temper tantrum in the ladies room (it happens). I will miss seeing what cute outfit she’s wearing each day and sending her links to repulsive videos on the internet just to hear her yelp, “Oh my god!” Of course, her IM isn’t changing… – Amelia

Catherine is an absolute doll. I am totally going to miss the way she laughs and blushes at the same time while telling an embarrassing story. This is actually my second time working with Catherine—we were editors at JANE Magazine together, too—and I am crossing my fingers and toes that at some point in time, we’ll be in the same office again. She’s the coolest. – Kate

Forget diamonds, Catherine is a girl’s best friend! She is so smart, caring, and really one snazzy dresser. I wouldn’t be at The Frisky if it wasn’t for her. And my closet certainly would not have had any plaid, because she opened my heart and my mind with her radness. She’s an inspiration, that woman! I will miss seeing her everyday like the desert misses the rain. – Simcha

I will miss how friendly and helpful she is. She never seems stressed or annoyed. How does she do it? – Ami

It’s almost impossible to get an email from Catherine that didn’t involve an exclamation point. Very few people can pull off that level of email-based enthusiasm without seeming fake, but she always did. I’ll miss that. – Lily

What I love most about Catherine is that she is very, very anal, and as someone who is very, very anal, I will miss that. – Susannah

I’ll miss her sweet earnestness. It’s a rarity in this town and industry. – Wendy

Catherine is one cool cucumber. Has she achieved more inner peace than we have? I will also miss her little outfits. – Jessica

I really appreciate Catherine’s sense of style and how she has a knack for finding great indie items or awesome decor/design stuff. But most of all, she’s made my life so incredibly easy over the past few months, both because she’s so on top of things (which really helps when you live in another time zone), and also because she’s really constructive about tinkering ideas, which usually makes me more excited to write my items because they get way more interesting. – Leonora

What will I miss about Catherine? Running ideas by her throughout the day, exchanging geeky history facts, ordering Chinese food with her on a weekly basis, our hushed ranting sessions, but most of all I’ll miss my next-table buddy. She was the one that introduced me to Madewell. Catherine is always willing to help in whatever way she can. But I know this isn’t good bye; it’s just see you later, as cliche as that sounds. – Annika

So, speaking on behalf of The Frisky staff and our readership — which has grown exponentially due in no small part to her contributions — we love you, we’ll miss you, and good luck, Catherine! Life at The Frisky just got a little less plaid.