Breaking Up Is Hard To Do … For Dudes

Sure, we may cry more to our friends, eat more ice cream straight out of the tin, or need to follow a 30-Day Breakup Guide when we end a relationship, but a new study shows that men take breakups harder than women do. Of the 1,000 singles between the ages of 18 and 23 surveyed, it was found that although men appear tougher during a breakup, that they are actually more emotionally vulnerable than women. They just happen to express it differently. Yeah, like by pretending that we no longer exist, which just drives us to be more depressed and eat more ice cream. Why do they do that?The study also found that men are more vulnerable to the quality of a relationship. This goes both ways, so they have greater emotional distress if the relationship sucks and a greater feeling of well-being if things are good. Why? Because for men, their romantic relationships tend to be their primary source of intimacy whereas women tend to have close relationships with friends and family. Interestingly, they also found that women are more affected emotionally by whether or not they are in a relationship. Meaning, we care more. Duh. So next time you go through a breakup, take comfort in the fact that the dude is taking it worse than you, even if he doesn’t show it. And eat ice cream anyway. You deserve it. [Daily Mail]

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