Bodyguard Thinks Britney Spears Walking Around The House Naked Is “Sexual Harassment”

The top bodyguard to Britney Spears has quit after alleging that the star walks around naked in her house, goes commando in public, and flirted inappropriately with him, reports The Sun, Britain’s trashiest gossip rag.

Friends of Fernando Flores, 29, a former cop, told The Sun that Britney had an eye for Flores and “he felt if he didn’t reciprocate he could lose his job.” She also allegedly “runs around the house naked and yelling at staff” and guards are warned from “look[ing] at her the wrong way” when she’s in the buff. Flores allegedly also got in trouble with Brit’s father, Jamie Spears, after she was photographed sans panties, apparently because he felt uncomfortable reminding her to put her intimates on beforehand. Flores is allegedly considering legal action. Well. Let me see here. There are two sides of every story, after all, so I think I need to hear what Britney has to say. But let’s get real: he’s probably just after her money. This has opportunistic lawsuit written all over it. I mean, obviously, walking around the house naked isn’t sexual harassment; it’s just playing around! He was leading her on with his sexy ex-cop-ishness anyway. And maybe telling a grown woman to wear panties and a bra is part of the job, sir.

Hey, Fernando, if you can’t handle it, I hear there’s an opening at Citibank. [The Sun UK]