“Glee” Finale: 10 Things We Loved

Honestly, I thought last night’s “Glee” finale was pretty schmaltzy. It just didn’t serve up the pizazz and cliffhanger ending I’d expected. Instead, it offered extreme doses of sentimentality. I love me some bonding “Glee” kids, but I thought that all the intense camaraderie was a little forced. It felt like the last day of summer camp, not the final episode of the most buzzed-about show of the season. That being said, there were some definite magical moments that should last us until season two. And speaking of, it has already been announced that John Stamos will become a semi-permanent part of the cast, taking on the role of Emma’s new dentist boyfriend. This should mean some pretty epic dueling duets between Stamos and Mr. Shue for the heart of the doe-eyed counselor. Outside of this, not much is known about next season, except that it looks like we are going to be treated to another battle to take sectionals and regionals, as the club has to work its way up all over again. But that’s months away. So it’s time to focus on what we loved about yesterday’s send-off.

  1. New Directions lost at regionals. Ryan Murphy and Co. didn’t opt for the traditional ending of the underdog winning the top prize. This is going to allow for a lot more necessary character development and Vocal Adrenaline drama than if the club just continued on to nationals. Can you imagine if they won that? What would be next: Global? Intergalactic?
  2. Puck confessed his love. Though you could see the early pregnancy coming as soon as Quinn picked up the stack of paper plates, it was all worth it for this scene. When Quinn asked Puck if he loved her, as they both looked down at their baby, and he responded, “Especially now,” my heart swelled.
  3. Emma is back! I have missed the adorable relationship between her and Mr. Shue. It is how I imagine bunnies look like when they flirt. It is nice to know that next season we can look forward to them trying to finally get together, now with the welcomed and sexy intrusion of John Stamos.
  4. The invisible members of the glee club got to speak, in close-up, and about personal issues! This show blatantly ignores some of the characters that are in almost every episode. So, to see the two other guys of New Directions acknowledged and allowed to show emotion was a big step. Now, if we can only figure out the secret of the ever-present band.
  5. Jesse and the rest of Vocal Adrenaline’s awesome rendition of “Bohemian Rhapsody” — crazy girl-grabbing choreography included. Is it just me or was this episode filled with some major arena rock?
  6. The return of Josh Groban. While I have trouble looking at Olivia Newton John’s face and not thinking plastic surgery, I certainly have no trouble taking in Groban. It’s an entertaining choice to have such a major singer on the show and only have him act like a semi-diva, sans singing. Watching Groban playing Groban is always appreciated.
  7. Sue Sylvester’s Disney snub. In an episode that stayed pretty glum, the small beams of Sue’s snark were extra powerful. She delivered her usual jab at Will, specifically his hair, when she said: ”I’m having a really difficult time hearing anything you have to say today, because your hair looks like a briar patch. I keep expecting racist animated Disney characters to pop up and start singing songs about living on the bayou.” This line pretty much made the episode, regardless of what happened next.
  8. Overall, the birthing scene was done well. The baby didn’t just magically appear. Viewers were treated to the grunts and sweats of labor. And Beth was so darn cute, I was sort of expecting that Quinn wouldn’t be able to give her up.
  9. Sue has a nice side, or at least a protective side. This finale showed that the Cheerios coach has more to her than a set of tracksuits and a long line of jokes. Maybe this means she can become more of a character and less of a plot driver/tension breaker, but part of me doesn’t want her to change.
  10. We got some closure. “Glee” has a tendency to carefully craft storylines and then abandon them for the sake a new jazzy song and dance. With the finale some major loose ends were at least acknowledged, if not tied: Finn and Rachel seem on track; Emma’s back in; the baby has been born; Quinn has a home again; the blackmail of Principal Figgins looks like it has come to an end; and everyone in New Directions seems to be getting along for once. Now to wait for it all to come crashing down next season.

Did the end of “Glee” leave you in tears of joy or trying to control your gag reflex? What were the moments that made the episode for you?

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