The New Extracurricular Activity: Learning How to Walk In Heels

Normal after-school activities include sports teams, dance lessons, and maybe a language class, but Chyna Whyne, a former backup singer, is switching up everyone’s preconceived notions and offering a six-week “Sexy Heels In The City” course for 16-year-old students at South Thames College in Wandsworth, Tooting, and Merton in South London. Every Monday night, classmates come together to strut around, learn the how-tos of stiletto walking, and practice pre-shoe-wearing exercises to stave off late-night foot pains. Chyna legitimizes the need for the class by saying, “At some point, girls from the age of 15 upwards will start wanting to wear high heels. The point, if it’s going to happen, the earlier younger ladies learn how to walk in heels, the better it’s going to be in the long run — with business and social lives. The statistics of women with shoe-related injuries and foot problems are unbelievable high.” At the end of the program, the girls put on a runway show on Liverpool Street’s Broad Gate Tower to show off their new pride and stiletto skill. Though some may see this as a frivolous class, if I could learn how to exercise my feet so they wouldn’t kill after hours of wearing heels, I’d sign up. [Telegraph]