Les Grossman Movie Is In The Works

Because Tom Cruise is an enterprising actor under all that craziness, and because America seems to always be ravenous for people in fat suits, we have a potential Les Grossman movie on our hands. After a successful reception for his reprisal of the abrasive producer at the MTV Movie Awards, Cruise hinted that the ball was already in motion for a movie centered on the character. Other than this acknowledgment, the actor didn’t divulge any details about what to expect from the film, which leaves us the responsibility of making some educated guesses. While I believe we have all enjoyed our second dose of Grossman, arriving two years after his “Tropic Thunder” debut, forcing an entire feature film on us might be a bit of overkill. But I was also one of the individuals who voted that the character was never amusing to me in this week’s poll, so perhaps I’m biased. The cussing, dancing fat man has won Cruise some of his first positive attention in years, but there’s a chance this could backfire. It’s like movies based on “SNL” sketches. There are some, like “Wanye’s World,” where you can build an entertaining story and expand classic gags into an enjoyable product. Then there are others, like “Night at the Roxbury,” where the same head-bobbing hijinx turns sour after about 10 minutes. I fear that Grossman might be in the latter category. (Then again, look what they did with “MacGruber”!) Cruise’s character berating Robert Pattinson and doing a booty pop with J. Lo were golden moments. But would you have the same feeling about them if they lasted for 120 minutes instead of 30 seconds? [/Film]