Men Really Are Bigger Babies When They’re Sick

In another study apparently done by the “No Duh” doctors, it is official—men whine more about illness than women. The experts call the condition “man flu” and suggest that men are probably exaggerating illness to gain “maximum sympathy.” The Engage Mutual study of 3,000 people also found that 50 percent of men like to classify a common cold as “the flu” and regular headaches as “migraines.” Researcher Karl Elliot says, “Men may have fewer bouts of genuine sickness a year—five compared to the seven suffered by women—but when ill, their attention seeking behavior makes sure their partner knows about it.” But even with the kvetching, men are actually less likely to take time off of work, with 76 percent struggling through. The survey also found that women are more likely to whine about their aches on a daily basis. But maybe the most interesting aspect is the sympathy and caring. Elliott explained, “Women score higher than men on being prepared to dole out the sympathy for an attention seeking partner, regardless of whether they believe they are genuinely ill, or not. But when it comes to doing the little things that make a partner more comfortable when they are ill, men and women seem to be more evenly matched.” Which means that your dude will get you Nyquil and draw you a bath, even though you’re all boogery and unattractive. I have to admit, it’s kind of fun that there’s “proof” that men become big babies when they’re sick or fake hurt, even though I already figured that out when my brother cried while getting his toenails clipped. And just when I was all smug about it, the study ruined everything with that men-and-women-take-care-of-each-other-equally nonsense. Do you think the men in your life exaggerate their pain? Do you ever want to force them to birth something so they know what pain is? ‘Cause that’s totally not something I think about. Cough. And when you’re sick, does your man bring you breakfast in bed and do nice things for you? Because I feel like it’s always me making the Matzo ball soup and the guys are all, “Don’t get me sick, I’ve got work to do,” even though they’re unemployed. Maybe the next “No Duh” study should be about how women love jerks? [Daily Mail]