My Dream Wedding Would Include __________

Most of us have our idea of the perfect wedding in our minds from the day we turn 5 years old. Often, it involves elaborate decorations, menus and guest lists. We may picture a wedding like that of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, full of traditional wedding pomp and excess. We may want horses and carriages, or champagne fountains, or even live doves. For some, the perfect wedding means getting away from all of the expectations and eloping.

We asked women about their ideal weddings and received a wide array of responses. Whether this was their first wedding, or they were getting ready to do the whole white wedding all over again, we got their answers!

“If I ever get married again, my dream wedding would be a destination trip to Northern Ontario, probably just the two of us. Bare feet, flowers in my hair and the blessings of Walking Bear are all I could ever ask. We would then share our joy with friends all around the country on an extended honeymoon/wedding reception trip!” — Debbie, Columbus, OH

“My dream wedding would be a private wedding with just my intimate friends. It would be like a little quickie church wedding you read about in novels! In my fantasy wedding, the emphasis would be on the honeymoon. There would be a secluded beachfront or wooded spot in a hotel room equipped so that you would not have to leave if you didn’t have to! Just seclusion and privacy — that’s all I need when it comes to such a blessed event.” — Jean Brewer, Bowling Green, Ky.

“My dream wedding would be on a beach with only our nearest and dearest. No inviting people out of obligation. The reception would be all of us having a nice meal and relaxing. Toasts would be okay, but not expected. Anyone hitting glasses with silverware telling us to kiss would be thrown out to sea. If my groom jammed cake in my face, he, too, would be shark food. I hate seeing that at weddings.” — Rissa Watkins, Phoenix

“If I had to do it all over again, I would plan a wedding that was more eco-friendly. There is so much waste at weddings, with the favors and the confetti and the gifts that the bride and groom will never use. I would like to have the wedding out in our yard with simple and natural decorations, flowers from our garden, and a big pot luck dinner.” – Leah Janssen, Savannah, Ga.

“When my husband and I got married 27 years ago, we didn’t have a lot of money for a wedding. It was pretty simple, with the reception held in the church basement. My wedding dress was second-hand from Goodwill. I would have loved to have felt like a princess for just one day, with a horse and carriage, a lacy white dress and pearls, and a reception dinner in a fancy restaurant. Maybe on our 30th anniversary, my dreams will come true.” – Marie Thorpe, Ann Arbor, Mich.

“I think it will be a while before I get married, but I would want it to be very personalized for my fiancé and I. I want it to reflect what is important to us and not just have a carbon copy of every other wedding.” – Chloe Plant, Nashville, Tenn.

“Lots of doves. I’ve always wanted to release doves at my wedding. It would be so special.” – Anne Omsky, Naples, Fla.

“My dream wedding would be just our closest friends and family all having a good time and enjoying each other’s company. There’s no need for all of the expensive excesses. Just a big party with those we love.” – Ellen Lee, Seattle, Wash.

“When I get married, my dogs will have to be a big part of it. Tula can be the flower girl, and Dusty can be the ring bearer. My dogs mean more to me than a lot of people, and I want them to help celebrate my wedding.” – Margaret Reed, Loveland, Colo.

“Ugh! My dream wedding would be sure that there are no flute players! It has been overdone to death. I think it’s a way that people try to bring a traditional or historical feel to a wedding, but now, it’s just cliché.” – Vicky Rooke, Rock Hill, S.C.

“For my dream wedding, I wouldn’t want all of the tulle and lace I see at most weddings today. There is such a thing as too much white.” – Alice Marquette, Bridgeport, Conn.

“My dream wedding has to have an open bar. They are the only way to let people get falling-down drunk and embarrass themselves and everyone around them. Then again, it is also a great way to sink the bride and groom into debt right off the bat.” – Georgina Garrett, Clovis, N.M.

“I have been at far too many weddings where the bride was tipsy before the service. My dream wedding would have champagne be left for after the ceremony.” – Janine Fay, Twentynine Palms, Calif.

“I would never want to try to plan an outdoor wedding. There’s enough stress in wedding preparations without having to count on Mother Nature. About half of the outdoor weddings that I have been to had to be moved inside because of rain or wind. And the indoor accommodations aren’t as nice as they would have been if the wedding had been planned for indoors in the first place. My dream wedding would be indoors.” – Andrea Stewart, Chicago, Ill.

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