How Do You Feel About “Part-Time Marriage”?

One of the more interesting moments in “Sex and the City 2,” in my opinion, was when Big suggested that he and Carrie spend a couple of nights apart each week. Unlike the really loud women sitting behind me, who started screaming, “What’s that about?” I happen to think that it was a kind of genius idea. This “part-time marriage” thing isn’t something you typically hear about. Since I’ve recently been questioning the concept of monogamy altogether, I think it’s only fair to consider whether this alternative monogamous marriage structure could work. It makes sense. When you’re dating someone, you don’t spend every night with them. You see them a couple of times a week, and when you do, you’re totally there and excited. And the upside is that you have time and space to do the things that make you happy — like work out or see your friends. I know that marriage is a partnership, and that your lives are more interconnected when you get married, but I don’t necessary think that a couple of days apart would threaten the strength of the partnership. If anything it seems like it could make it stronger.

For example, I came across this story of a U.K. couple who claim to have saved their marriage by switching to “part-time” status. They were fighting a lot but decided that they still loved each other too much to split up. In “SATC2″ Carrie still has her remodeled former-single-gal apartment with lots of designer shoes to retreat to, but for this real-life couple, they had to figure out something more practical. So what did they come up with? The husband went to stay with his 19-year-old daughter a few days a week. They report that they found it easier to speak honestly, that the tension and bickering subsided, and that the little things that annoyed each other began to ease up. (No word how the 19-year-old daughter felt about having Dad crashing on the couch.) After 15 months, they started to miss each other. He moved back in full-time, but they cleared out the attic so they can have a place to retreat to if they need it. The best news is that they’re happy. This sounds more than acceptable to me, like a win-win situation. But what do I know about marriage? [Daily Mail]

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