Frisky Exclusive: We Ask The Cast Of “RJ Berger” If High School Was Rough For Them

Last night, MTV threw a red carpet party for their new show, “The Hard Times of RJ Berger.” Guess they couldn’t call it a “premiere,” since, technically, it aired the night before, following the MTV Movie Awards. Anyway, I was desperate to chat up the cast since I drool over nerd-friendly shows, so I jumped a fence and knocked out a security guard to get in. OK, actually they invited me, but still. After the jump, I ask the stars of the show, as well as MTV royalty like Paris Hilton and Warren the Ape, if they were bullied in high school. Seth Grahame-Smith (author and creator of “RJ Berger”) and Paul Iacono (who plays RJ Berger himself):

Seth: “I was unabashedly a nerd in high school. I’ve always worn glasses. I used to be a little rail-thin whisp of a twig. And so, yes, I can relate to being bullied. I will tell you, there is a little bit of me and [co-creator David Katzenberg] in all these characters. Or a lot of it.”

Paul: “I was a nerd too, except I went to a performing arts high school so I was like a theatrical nerd. You get depressed and you sing showtunes … sort of like “Glee.”

Seth: “The guys who read Chekhov used to kick your a**. Didn’t you actually get your s*** kicked out of you by a Mamet gang?”

Paul: Yeah, man, those guys swear like it is no one’s business.”

Paris Hilton:

“I didn’t really have any embarrassing moments in high school, I would just get really nervous when I had to do speeches or I had to go up in front of the class to present something. I would turn bright red and be humiliated. I hate it. So, that’s one thing, public speaking.”

Warren the Ape:

“Well, I was one of the only puppets in an all-human high school, so I was bullied a lot. I still wear a helmet to this day. I think fabricated Americans in general are picked on. We’re the downtrodden and the unwashed. You know, you’ve gotta be Elmo or Kermit the Frog to get any respect in this town, especially in Hollywood.”

Nikki and Vikki of “Double Shot at Love”:

“In high school, we used to get teased because of our names are Nikki and Vikki, and people used to say Dicky and Tricky or Lick Me and Stick Me. I think we were more the bulliers [sic] in high school, unfortunately. We were cheerleaders. Bad rap.

Beth Littleford (who plays RJ’s mother):

“I felt like a nerd in high school. People that go into comedy tend to have a tragedy. My mother begged me to go to prom with my cousin. I wasn’t even asked. No, that’s not true, one guy asked, he was my AP Chemistry partner who is now Silicone Vally wealthy. But you know, he had bad acne, bad dandruff, bad smells. He asked me and I said I don’t believe in prom. But my mother, at the last minute said, ‘I’m going to get your cousin to take you.’ I didn’t go.”

Shea Curry (who plays Jenny):

“I was one of the goth kids, so I used to wear all black. Not only did I wear all black, but I used to wear a black hat and a black cape, and people thought I was a witch. So pretty much my entire high school experience was embarrassing. When I look back at those pictures, I’m like, ‘What the hell was I thinking? Why was I so dark and depressed?'”

Which brings us to you, Frisky readers — were you ever bullied in high school? Or were you, as the Ikki twins put it, “the bullier”? And will you be watching “The Hard Times Of RJ Berger” on MTV?