CFDA Awards Redux: Best Tweets Of The Evening

If you’re a follower of fashion, by now you probably know the news about the big winners at this year’s CFDA Awards. And if not, Google will tell you all the basic deets in a snap. But, if you’re craving some of the insider-y details, check out these Tweets from in-the-know editors posted throughout the evening.

@womensweardaily: “Gwyneth Paltrow just spilled some of her martini on DVF’s bag.”

@glamour_fashion: “ed westwick is chilling at the end of the bar, chatting up a cute brunette. the rodarte sisters are working the crowd”

@cutblog: “The Cut has a front-row seat. Bloggers really do matter, apparently.”

@ChicReport: “Only 42 minutes late, we are starting (and putting fones on silent)”

@glamour_fashion: “dvf says to designers, “health is beauty, and i beg you to remember that while planning your next show”

@Fashionista_com: “Kim Hastreiter is accepting her Eugenia Hastreiter award–“just because your cute and rich doesn’t mean you design great stuff!” “

@cutblog: “Bailey to the stage. Anna’s shades are off. She looks so happy!”

@glamour_fashion: “sjp says mcqueen’s darkness “was tempered by romance and light” “

@marieclaire: “Aw, SJP gave quite the tearful tribute at #cfda !”

@womensweardaily: “In a moving tribute, McQueen’s final collection is presented on stage.”

@glamour_fashion: “iman says “thanks to my mom and dad for giving me a neck longer than any girl at any go-see in the world” “

@glamour_fashion: “she also says she has the right to tell husband david bowie “move over, youre not the only icon in the house” “

@cutblog: “Anna told a story about going to Jamaica with MK. MK got in the ocean when Ralph Lauren arrived”

@cutblog: “MK stayed in the ocean for hours, Anna says, cuz he didn’t want RL to see him in his swimsuit.”

@hintmag: “Marc Jacobs: “After four years, it’s our lucky night.” And he thanks all his staff by name. And bloggers! Congrats!”

@womensweardaily: “Alexis Bledel bopping to “Nine to Five” at the bar with Behnaz Sarafpour. #boomboomroom”

@cutblog: “Rag and bone designers seen carrying their wives shoes outside after ceremony. Wives walked barefoot into the street.”