Baby Addiction Is A Real Thing

Listen up, OctoMom: Baby addiction is apparently a real thing. While there is currently no official diagnosis, health professionals are reporting an increase in patients, mostly women, who desperately want to keep having newborns, even when they already have several children. Take U.K. woman Karen Johnston. Eight children was not enough to satisfy her craving for kids. At 54 years old, the self-proclaimed baby addict went through great lengths to have more. I mean, addicts will do anything to get their fix, right?Her need to procreate took her all the way to the Czech Republic where she underwent an expensive fertility treatment to make more babies. Her twin girls (children numbers nine and 10) were conceived with a donated egg and her husband’s sperm. Because of complications during her pregnancy, the babies had to be delivered 13 weeks early. They survived, but barely. Umm … I really, really hope she’ll get help for her problem and vow to stay clean and sober of baby-making in the future. The tricky part is that unlike other addictions, you can’t kick your habit once you’ve birthed it. [Daily Mail, MSN]