Before You Try New Sex Moves, Talk To Your Guy

Whether they are from magazines, websites, or our friends, we are constantly hearing sex tips that are supposed to make our men go wild in bed. Some of these sex tips should never be tried, ever. However, some of them can be done, just not without consulting your partner first. Whether you’re with a serious boyfriend, a new guy, or a one-night stand, these sex tips are never a good surprise. While discussing a finger in his butt, using your teeth during a blow job, biting his nipples, how hard to hold him, or if he wants a rim job may feel awkward over dessert, doing these things without warning (and a green light!) might lead to an even more uncomfortable interaction.

There is nothing wrong with trying new things in bed, but to ensure that you don’t create an “Oh God, did that just happen?!” moment between you and your man, give him a heads-up before trying these five sex moves.

  1. Finger In The Butt … What? While pressing upon his perineum, the area between his testicles and his anus, may be a starter to anal play, simply placing a finger into a man’s behind is not something you can surprise him with. Anal play is often seen as kinky or taboo and some people simply see the butt as an exit only. Surprising your man by placing a finger in his butt before he climaxes during oral sex may be too much of a surprise and could leave you with a black eye when he knees you in surprise. When it comes to the butt, make sure you have the right to enter before you do.
  2. Using Your Teeth: Grazing your teeth over his neck while kissing him or gently nibbling an earlobe is very different than using your chompers on his manhood. I’ll never forget when I read a sex tip that said while giving a blow job, using your teeth around the head and base of the penis can be very stimulating and pleasureful for a man. Apparently, lightly grazing your teeth over a man’s head (his penis’s that is) may actually feel good. However, under no circumstances should a woman try this on her man without asking him first. If he tells you he likes that, sure that’s one thing. But a man’s package is very dear to him — going for it with your teeth may not be the smart way to go. Also, one man’s “grazing” is another man’s “grinding.”
  3. Nibbling Nipples: Although a man’s nipples get hard, rise upon stimulation and are considered an erogenous zone just like yours, some men do not like their nipples to be bitten, nibbled, licked or even played with. The nipples are a hit or a miss. Some men love the stimulation and are turned on, while others find it to be uncomfortable or ticklish. The only way to figure out what kind of nipple stimulation he likes, if any, is to ask him and experiment. If you’re not comfortable or simply think it would be weird to talk about it, you can tell by body language if he likes something or not. Be perceptive. If you place your hands on his chest and touch his nipples and he moves your hand away, you know he’s probably not into it. If he starts breathing heavily, gets hard and passionately grabs you, chances are you’re doing something right.
  4. Rough Handling: Some sex tips say that by tugging on a man’s testicles or grasping them very tightly in your hand, you can turn a man on. But if this is not something he enjoys, it might excite him … the wrong way. Men like their packages fondled in different, special ways: some like their junk lightly played with, using slow stroking and not a lot of pressure. Some men like to be played with at a medium speed, with just a little bit of pressure. And then there are those who like to be grasped tightly, fast and rough, as if your life depends on it. Like I said, each man has his own individual preference. So, before squeezing the life out of your man’s junk, make sure he’ll like it.
  5. Rim Job: Oh, the infamous, unspoken, forbidden salad tossing. Rimming is noted to be a pleasurable addition to oral sex because the booty is packed with ultra-sensitive nerve endings. While it may be pleasurable for some, it may either completely gross others out or simply scare them. After asking a couple of my guy friends for their opinion, they all concurred: If a girl went all the way downtown while giving a blow job and didn’t let him know first, he’d probably accidentally give her a black eye. Having your butt tongued is not something many people are used to — if you catch him by surprise, his reaction might not be so pleasant.

Speak up, fellas! How would you react if a woman did these things to you in bed by surprise?