10 Things To Know About Lindsay Pulsipher, A New “True Blood” Love Interest

True Blood” transformed a crop of relatively unknown actors into mega-watt stars during the first season. Lindsay Pulsipher is probably hoping to have the same career luck when she takes on the character of Crystal Norris, Jason Stackhouse’s latest love interest. Jason’s girlfriends have a habit of meeting gruesome ends, so there’s no telling what could happen to Crystal, especially since Lindsay has said that Crystal isn’t a were-panther (a what?!) in the series as she is in the book. In anticipation for the June 13 season three premiere of “True Blood,” here’s a closer look at the woman behind the character.

  1. If you’re fan of Patrick Swayze, then you might recognize Lindsay from A&E’s “The Beast.”
  2. Lindsay has appeared in other TV shows, like “CSI: NY,” “House,” Jerry Bruckheimer’s “Eleventh Hour,” and Showtime’s “Masters of Horror.”
  3. She has five siblings and was raised in Utah as a Mormon, but left the religion when she was younger.
  4. As a result of coming from a big family, Lindsay had a lot of hand-me-downs as a child.
  5. This might be why she developed a love of collecting vintage clothing, movie posters, and antiques.
  6. She’s quite frugal and jokes that she does her grocery shopping at the “True Blood” craft table.
  7. Lindsay enjoys Audrey Hepburn films, but will appear in a film later this year about two American icons, “The Story of Bonnie and Clyde.”
  8. When she’s not watching films, Lindsay indulges her TV addiction. She’s obsessed with “Breaking Bad” and loves “Big Love,” which reminds her of Utah.
  9. And no, she doesn’t know any polygamists.
  10. Lindsay’s nickname is Looper.

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