“Wicked” Actress Sues Yasmin Birth Control Over Her Stroke

No one expects to have a stroke at 27, least of all Broadway actress Brenda Hamilton, who is an understudy for “Wicked.” In a lawsuit filed against the pharmaceutical company Bayer, Hamilton claimed she took Yasmin birth control pills for over two years before she suffered a stroke in May 2007.

Hamilton’s lawsuit accuses Bayer of downplaying that Yasmin poses a higher risk for blot clots and strokes than other oral contraceptives. This latest lawsuit, unfortunately, is just one of many filed against Bayer. In a settlement for a past lawsuit, the company promised to spend $20 million on “corrective advertising” to educate women about Yasmin. But Bayer and the FDA have also cited studies — including two which Bayer funded — which said Yasmin doesn’t increase the risk of blood clots. [New York Post]

This freaks me out because Yasmin is the birth control I have been taking for years. You just keep looking better and better, rhythm method!