Why Would Elton John Play Rush Limbaugh’s Wedding?

Pineapple on pizza. High-heeled sneakers. Sending the “Sex and the City 2″ cast to the Middle East. There are a lot of things that make me think, “What the hell were they thinking?!” Here’s another — this weekend, super conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh got married for the fourth time, and outspoken gay singer, Elton John, serenaded the bride and groom at their reception, for which he was paid $1 million. Sir Elton, time is a-tickin’ — when are you going to explain your hypocrisy?Elton John, of course, is a gay man who has been with his husband, David Furnish, for many years. He’s also a proponent of gay marriage rights in the United States (though he is a British citizen) and a major fundraiser for HIV/AIDS causes. Rush Limbaugh, meanwhile, is an outspoken opponent of gay marriage and has many homophobic quotes under his belt, including:

“When a gay person turns his back on you, it is anything but an insult; it’s an invitation.”

Why on earth would John play at the wedding of a person who does not think that he or other men and women like him should have the right to make the same commitment once, let alone four times? One million dollars is nothing to sneeze at in my world, but John is worth a hell of a lot more — is an extra million lining his pocket really worth sacrificing his ideals? The best possible explanation I can think of is that John plans on donating every dime to a gay rights charity — but even that couldn’t wash the stench of hypocrisy off of him. [People]