Use Your “Twilight” Credit Card To Buy More “Twilight” Stuff

So far I have been all for the “Twilight” takeover. I enjoyed watching the movies surrounded by hoards of Twihards, I bought my friend a “Team Jacob” shirt, and I even invested in a box of ridiculous “New Moon” Sweet Tarts. But now, “Eclipse” has come to … MasterCard. Yes, the company is making “Twilight” pre-paid debit cards, giving the movie franchise the closest thing to its own currency aside from printing Kristen Stewart’s brooding face on $20 bills. The new cards cater to a younger audience, allowing them to get online merchandise discounts and closely track their spending. But the payment option is open to anyone, so if you want your next purchase to be covered by Robert Pattinson, here’s what you need to know. MasterCard will start offering their pay-by-“Twilight” option on July 1st, also known as the day after “Eclipse” hits theaters. MC was wise enough to not play favorites, and is offering 10 different character cards. Meanwhile, I am worrying for the future. What is next? Can adolescent card holders upgrade to Edward Cullen Eternal Love bank loans when they get older? Or Jacob and the Wolf Pack health insurance? I mean, this is way beyond lunch boxes and special edition cereals.

So will you be getting a “Twilight” credit card? Here are some of your options.

The collection includes a Cullen Clan card. Unfortunately, Master Card didn’t go the extra step of making all the vampires glitter.

I think this card of Jacob and the wolf pack might be a little more appreciated if it pictured them from the shoulders down.

Even the Volturi get a chance to mug it up on their own card. [Savvy Sugar/ Cinematical]