Lesbians Embrace Justin Bieber And Dub Themselves “Biebians”

Justin Bieber fever is spreading at an even more rapid pace than we thought. We’ve already told you about the site “Lesbians that Look like Justin Bieber,” but now this collection of photos is turning into a way of life. Lesbians across the world who have “accepted” their similarity to the teen singing sensation have taken on a title to prove it, calling themselves “Biebians.” The moniker is starting to expand, inspiring a series of bar nights that are meant to bring “Biebians” together to celebrate their beautiful hair and mutual love for the chipmunk-esque tween pop star. Who knew that the mediocre melodies of a 16-year-old could bring so many like-minded ladies together? Let’s just hope this new nickname doesn’t become the next “cougar,” though I might be interested in a show called “Biebian Town.” [Vulture]