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Buy Jenna Jameson’s Old Shoes On eBay

Jenna Jameson, The Most Famous Porn Star in the World, is selling her old stuff on eBay. Have you long dreamed of owning a pair of Yves Saint Laurent black platforms that faintly smell of porn star feet? If you’re a size six and have a spare $1,299, you, my friend, are in luck. Looking for a pair of rhinestone bedazzled handcuffs worn by the star of “Smells Like … Sex”? They can be yours for a mere $89.99. Girlfriend has some good taste, though, seeing as the lot includes a pair of tan Tom Ford sunglasses that I would buy for $189.99, except for, well … you know. In any case, shop ’til you drop at the House of Jameson, girls! [House of Jameson]

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