All You Need To Know About Amy Winehouse’s New Man, Reg Traviss

After three years of tumultuous on-again/off-again marriage, prison, and rehab, Amy Winehouse has finally broken free of her ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil. And she has moved on. Her new beau is film writer/director Reg Traviss. And because we’re super concerned for Amy’s well-being, we scrounged up all the information we could find on the bloke. And let us say this is a major upgrade.

  • Fledgling Romance. Reg and Amy apparently met through a mutual friend and spent some time getting to know each other at Traviss’ parents’ pub. Conveniently, Reg owns a house a few minutes from Amy’s new house in Marylebone. On a recent date, the two went out to a restaurant in Central London, stopped by a pub for drinks, and then continued to a friend’s party. This is newsworthy because Amy was wearing shoes, didn’t slap or yell at anyone, and was shockingly civilized. Also, Reg was rocking a sweet gelled-back greaser look with his suit and skinny tie. Kinda rocking the Johnny Cash look, maybe?
  • His Movies. The 33-year-old wrote and directed 2006’s “Joy Division,” about a German orphan who fought against the Red Army in WWII and eventually joined the KGB. Traviss’s newest film, “Psychosis,” is about an American writer (Charisma Carpenter) who moves to the English countryside with her man and proceeds to go nuts when she starts having visions of people who had been killed by a serial killer on the property years before. Though not much information is out there about the elusive movie man, give him a few months with Amy and his life will be sacrificed to the tabloid gods.
  • Parental Approval. Amy’s dad, Mitch Winehouse, is psyched on the new guy. He says, “I am happy she’s got a new boyfriend. I am happy she’s moving on with her life. He’s a normal bloke, very nice. They’re very fond of each other, so we will have to see how it goes.” Mitch told another source, “It’s early days but she’s smitten, they seemed very happy in each other’s company. She didn’t let go of his hand all night. Amy’s camp are delighted that she’s ditched the toe-rag and is seeing a nice fella instead.” Perhaps the new love interest has got Winehouse back in the studio—her dad mentioned that she’s got a few songs recorded and will hopefully release a new album this year. [People, Sean Borg Goes LA]
  • Classy Friends. Friends say, “Traviss has a promising career and is much more mature than Blake.” Also, “He’s a decent bloke with his feet firmly on the ground. He’s cultured and talented and they talk and laugh about all sorts.” [Daily Mail, Starcasm]Actress Katrena Rochell, who worked with Traviss on two of his movies, said that he is “very ambitious” that “he has guts” and “He very loyal.” Having friends who’re willing to talk you up is a great sign. I’m afraid mine would just talk about how my head’s really big and I’m mean. [Killer Reviews, Rogue Cinema]
  • His Girlfriend. Wait, what? Even though all the sources paint Traviss as a charmer, his, ahem, alleged girlfriend—philosophy student and burlesque dancer Raven Isis Holt—isn’t willing to lose the man she’s been seeing for two years. She told a friend, “Amy can’t steal my man. He’s told me they are just friends and I believe him. There’s no way he’d leave me for Amy.” British tabloids say that Traviss and Holt were indeed seen having dinner together as recently as, eek, last Wednesday. [One India]

Watch out, Amy. Before you get another name in your chest pocket, let’s see if this one’s worthy?