6 Celebrity Couples Dish On Their First Dates

first date ashton and demi jpg
You’d think that Ashton Kutcher would have wined-and-dined a sophisticated woman like Demi Moore on their first date. But instead, the actor brought his woman out for burgers. Kutcher says, “We had In-N-Out. It’s hard to go wrong with that—unless you had an Umami Burger. It’s unbelievable. If a Umami Burger existed when we had our first date, I would’ve taken her to Umami Burger.” Funny, because that’s totally where I take my dates! But I’m also not a millionaire or famous, so … yeah. [People]

I guess celebrities are just like us. They have lame dates, too! So we’ve rounded up a few other examples of surprising celeb first dates.

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