Whom Should Al Gore Date Next?

Now that Al and Tipper Gore are dunzo after 40 years of marriage, we’re hoping that Al (and Tipper too, but she’s another matter) is single and ready to mingle. So whom should he date? Our suggestions after the jump.

  1. Now that Elizabeth Edwards is divorcing cheatin’, lyin’ John, maybe these two can be a more convenient truth?
  2. Jennifer Aniston has been pretty unlucky in love over the past few years. Maybe she needs a guy who’s older, more distinguished, and more politically minded than Gerard Butler and John Mayer? Al would be perfect.
  3. Who would be the most environmentally conscious power couple on the planet? Al and Laurie David, the activist who divorced Larry David three years ago. She not only produced “An Inconvenient Truth,” she’s trustee on the Natural Resources Defense Council and founded the Stop Global Warming Virtual March. That has to melt Al’s polar ice caps.
  4. Monica Lewinsky. But I’m just saying that so the press can have fun asking her whether Al or Bill Clinton is better in the sack.
  5. I wonder if Al likes the movie “Splash.” If so, Daryl Hannah could be a good fit for him. She’s all about the environment and even modified her car to run on vegetable oil.
  6. We hear Jenny Sanford, the soon-to-be ex wife of philandering South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, is available.
  7. Liza Minnelli, because her cameo in “Sex and the City 2″ was awesome. Which obviously would mean a lot to Al.
  8. Susan Sarandon is also newly single after a very long relationship. They’re both super political Democrats. And darn it, they’d be cute together. It’s a match made in bleeding-heart heaven.