Quickies: Gary Coleman’s Funeral Canceled & Chace Crawford Arrested For Weed Possession

  • As if the death of Gary Coleman weren’t tragic enough, his funeral has been canceled. [PopEater]
  • What kind of erotica are you reading? Hopefully, not bad erotica. Here’s how to tell. [Em & Lo]
  • Did Jessica Biel hit it or miss it in her toga at “The A-Team” premiere? [HuffPo]

  • Gossip Girl” star Chace Crawford was arrested for having pot. [TMZ]
  • Visible roots are no longer considered trashy; apparently, they are a growing trend. [StyleList]
  • No he’s not a wedding crasher. This man was arrested for being the “Wedding Flasher.” Check out his exclusive mug shot. [DumbAsABlog]
  • Are we getting Christmas in the summer? British TV presenter and model Kelly Brooks is going to pose for Playboy. [F Listed]