Miranda July’s New Exhibit Is Adorable

We love Miranda July’s book (No One Belongs Here More Than You) and movie (“Me and You and Everyone We Know”). So, shocker, we also dig her art. She has a new exhibit up in New York’s Union Square called “Eleven Heavy Things” and it’s pretty awesome. Most of the “things” are pedestals and screens with text scrawled on them by July. The difference between this setting and an art museum is that people are encouraged to interact with the sculptures. One person-sized rectangle has a hole where you stick your face—on the front it reads, “What I look like when I’m lying.” Another is a set of three pedestals folks are supposed to stand on for photo ops—one says “The Guilty One,” the next says “The Guiltier One,” and the tallest reads, “The Guiltiest One.” Another personal favorite, a tall wall with a tiny hole in it, says, “This is not the first hole my finger has been in. Nor is it the last.” Cheeky! And there’s one pedestal that we bet will bring together at least one couple this summer; it reads, “We don’t know each other. We’re just hugging for the picture. When we’re done, we’ll walk away. Quickly.” [Flavorwire, ArtINFO]

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