Check Out Vivienne Westwood’s £1,000 Charity Table Cloths

Vivienne Westwood, queen of girly grunge, wants to take over your dinner table. How else can we explain the 20 one-of-a-kind tablecloths she’s created for the charity Cool Earth? The designers — like the oh-so-Westwood one at left — were culled from past and current Westwood collections, then transferred onto tablecloths, with Westwood herself hand-signing ones for a limited time. The custom cloths cost £1,000 each, so we won’t be buying any, but props to those who do, as they’ll be supporting the worthy cause of preventing deforestation. More designs after the jump. [Elle UK]
Yes, tablecloth. Yes, you are.

We have a hard time deciding when Westwood is being serious or ironic, but I guess that’s a fun, interactive game that comes with your £1,000 tablecloth.

A talented kindergartner could have drawn this, but we think it’s kind of cool.