John Stamos And Other Celebs Who Need To Go To “Love Therapy”

John Stamos has just become my favorite man in Hollywood. According to the Enquirer, which we will choose to believe in this specific incident even though we know better, John is taking a six-month hiatus from work to undergo intensive “love therapy.” Meaning, he wants to unravel the mystery of why he’s a 46-year-old bachelor. He’s going to spend time navel-gazing and figuring out why his romances always crumble, because he’s finally ready to find true love and settle down. A round of applause for John! [Celebitchy]

I think the entire human race should be required to go to “love therapy.” Think about how much better dating would be if everyone figured their crap out instead of dragging their baggage around with them. I hope a few other celebs follow John’s example. I’m not naming any names … well maybe I am. After the jump, some more celebs who we’d like to send to “love therapy.”

  1. Clearly, Jennifer Aniston needs some help in this department.
  2. We hope that Jen brings her former f-buddy John Mayer with her. His issues are a wonderland!
  3. Jennifer Love Hewitt shot cupid a few too many times. What she needs is the love whisperer.
  4. Jesse James. No further comment.
  5. Now that Bret Michaels is better, he needs to find out why every relationship has its thorn. Three seasons of “Rock of Love” and nothing? Come on.
  6. Get after it, Halle Berry.
  7. Spawning of illegitimate love child = desperate need for love therapy. Hello, John Edwards.
  8. Somehow, George Clooney seems to cycle through serious girlfriends like toilet paper. What’s up with that?
  9. What’s the price Jessica Simpson has paid for love gone awry? She needs to find out in “love therapy.”
  10. Her last name may be Love, but Courtney Love doesn’t seem to get it. Maybe therapy could help?

Who would you like to send to love therapy?