10 Signs Your Fling Is Fizzling

A fling can be the perfect escape from your mundane pattern of singledom, and summer seems to be the prime time to start one up. It’s casual, affectionate, convenient with no strings attached and has lots of sexy perks. But beware! The fun fling that started when a cute dude asked what you were listening to on your iPod could have you singing a different tune if it goes on too long. Here are 10 signs it might be time to move on and leave your fling before you get left.

  1. The phone calls have stopped: In the beginning, your guy was all about the casual phone call, winning him more brownie points than you could even count. Now, communication has been reduced to the occasional G-Chat.
  2. Oh, fancy seeing you here: It’s one thing to run into your fling in the produce section at the grocery store, but it’s a whole different story when you run into him at the bar with your friends. Why didn’t he ask if you were going out tonight, too? He claims he was just hanging with the guys tonight, but the girls surrounding him reveal a different story.
  3. You’re already in a rut: It’s the same boring routine and it’s only been three weeks. Two weeks ago, you were at the hip new restaurant in town with your fling. Now, you’re on your couch with Chinese food and Netflix. You go to your fling’s place late at night and get a ride home in the morning. You’ve become a casual hook-up instead of someone with potential for the future.
  4. You’re in cell phone hell: You’re checking your phone every three seconds to see if he texted you, more than you’re actually using it to make plans with him. The flirty BBMs and conversations starters once came from both parties. Now, you’re initiating every time. It’s no fun when the communication is one-sided.
  5. The conversation is forced: You used to have so much in common, and now you make small talk until the fooling around finally starts.
  6. Too busy for plans: He’s been working overtime. He’s going to a Bar Mitzvah this weekend. He has friends in town. “I’ll call you tomorrow” now means “I’ll call you when I’m bored in four days.” Whatever the reason, you’re not on his agenda anymore. So, remove him from yours.
  7. You start wanting others: In the beginning, you were crushing on your fling like no other. You looked for him everywhere you went, but tonight you’re tempted to flirt with new guys at the bar. Maybe you’re not as into your fling as you thought you were.
  8. The cons outweigh the pros: You were willing to overlook the disgusting apartment and lack of communication skills before, for the sake of your new crush. Wait, what were the reasons why you liked him in the first place? If you can’t remember, it’s time to go.
  9. Your friends don’t approve: Your once-supportive best friends stop giving you their blessing to go home with him from the club. Read between the lines they aren’t saying; maybe he’s only into you when it’s convenient for him.
  10. His true colors surface: He seemed easy-going and funny at first, but the more you get to know him, you realize his slight temper and crude humor don’t exactly click with your personality. If you don’t feel a spark anymore, walk away.