Today’s Lady News: Arizona Gang Rape Teen Gets Probation

  • A 15-year-old boy who participated in the gang rape of an 8-year-old girl in Arizona has received probation from a judge. All of the children were immigrants from the war-torn country of Liberia. The boy, who held the girl down while she was assaulted by three boys, will remain in treatment for the next year and will be on probation until he turns 18. The judge said he will decide whether or not the boy must register as a sex offender once he’s seen how the boy has responded treatment. [Arizona Republic]
  • Attention California: Carly Fiorina wants to be your senator! The former CEO of Hewlett-Packard is gunning for Barbara Boxer’s seat. [New York Times Magazine]

  • The Senate Armed Services Committee has voted to add an amendment that would overturn a ban on abortion at military medical facilities. Until February, emergency contraception was not allowed at military bases either. []
  • A former personal trainer for Gold’s Gym claims she was sexually harassed by other employees and fired for complaining about their behavior. Amanda Kurtz said her manager did nothing to stop the sexual comments and inappropriate touching she experienced. [St. Clair Record]
  • The late Arlene Elliot of Naples, Florida, has bequeathed $203,000 to Women in Aviation, a nonprofit which provides scholarships to both women and men pursuing careers in aviation. Elliot founded and owned an aviation company with her husband. [Dayton Daily News]
  • The New Yorker’s “20 Under 40″ list of talented young writers to watch includes 10 men and 10 women. Woo-hoo! [New York Times]
  • Rape awareness groups are not happy about Kristen Stewart’s comparison of the paparazzi to rape. The spokeswoman for the Rape and Incest National Network (RAINN) has pointed out Stewart should know better, considering she played a victim of sexual assault in the movie “Speak.” [Fox News]
  • Some guy thinks 66 female celebrities are “overrated,” which seems to be a way for him to call Gwyneth Paltrow “ugly” and say the only reason Chelsea Handler is famous is because she’s hot. [Guyism]
  • What’s up with lawyer Gloria Allred, the legal eagle behind Tiger Woods’ mistresses? The blog Jezebel investigates. [Jezebel]


  • Research from the Helsinki University Hospital in Finland has found that Finnish women who have abortions in the second trimester are more likely than others to have repeat abortions. A woman who has a later abortion as her first abortion is also more likely to terminate another pregnancy several weeks in. [Reuters]
  • Harriet Harman, the acting leader of the U.K.’s Labour party, said half of the country’s shadow cabinet should be women. [BBC]
  • How do women in Egypt, a country where many women wear headscarves in public, handle street harassment? [ABC News]