Is Bethenny Frankel Too Much Of A Skinny Girl After Giving Birth?

They say that as a celeb you can never be too rich or too thin … unless you are “Real HousewifeBethenny Frankel and you’re already amazing skinny less than a month after giving birth. OK, let’s do the math here. She had her baby girl, Bryn, on May 8 and as of today, June 3, she has already lost 30 pounds of the 35 she gained during pregnancy. OK, that’s insane. Her dramatic post-baby slim down is not going over well with some mothers. They are complaining that Bethenny (and Gisele Bundchen and Heidi Klum) is setting unreal expectations for new mothers who don’t have a personal trainer or care to stick to a Skinny Girl regime. Frankel has attributed her dramatic weight loss to “doctor advised diet and exercise.”I agree with these angry mothers. When do you have time to exercise in the first month after giving birth by C-section to a four-pound preemie? Aren’t you, like, breastfeeding and having sleepless nights and stuff? I get that there’s some automatic weight loss when the baby and that water sack pop out, and that breastfeeding burns calories, but c’mon. It’s awful that our weight obsession has been extended to women who have just given birth two seconds ago. In my opinion, “Skinny Girl” is secret code for eating disorder. Make it stop. [NY Post]