Did Lady Gaga Fall For A Twitter Hoax By A Fake Cancer Patient?

Was Lady Gaga the victim of a twisted Twitter hoax? A Crushable blogger claims a 15-year-old girl named Ana, who allegedly tweeted under the Twitter handle @analilmonster and allegedly died from cancer this morning, may not actually exist.

Ana has apparently only tweeted for the past five days and only tweeted about Lady Gaga and having leukemia. Ana’s alleged brother, the Twitter account @JoelxSoul, was created yesterday, when he tweeted at @analilmonster only once to say goodnight to her, and then this morning tweeted that Ana had died. @JoelxSoul said their family wanted privacy, but also wanted the news of his sister’s death to reach the pop star. Lady Gaga — or whoever mans her Twitter account — responded to his tweet twice, saying, “Will cry all day, we lost a lovely and beautiful little monster ana to leukemia” and “I’m so deepy [sic] sad reading this, monsters lets send her family love.”

Did a young Lady Gaga fan named Ana really die from cancer this morning? Or does the odd behavior add up to a bizarre — and tasteless — hoax? Only time will tell. [Crushable]