Al-Jazeera Anchors Quit After Being Harassed About Makeup And Hair

Five female anchors recently resigned from Al-Jazeera news network as a result of the harassment they say they were receiving from co-workers. The women claim that several employees, including a senior editor, would constantly insult their appearance, saying the women should cover their hair for their broadcasts and wear less makeup. Things escalated, from employees badgering the anchors to offensive remarks being made about the women’s “total lack of decency.” Losing the five anchors will hurt the company, especially because they were among Al-Jazeera’s most recognizable faces. Along with the walk-outs, complaints have also been filed by female employees of the Qatar station for the same type of harassment. Al-Jazeera has cleared the senior editor of any wrong doing, stating that he had the power to decide “the spirit and principles of the channel and the image it wishes to present.” The network also said that ideological differences, which arise in many different ways, are a consistent issue in their newsrooms. [Newser]

What do you think of all this? I say there is a line between telling someone she should lighten up on the hairspray and harassing an employee to the point where she no longer feels comfortable at work. Have you ever left a job based on the way a boss or other employee made you feel?