6 Male Stars Who Went Full-Frontal

Male Stars Who Went Full-Frontal
Raise your hand if you thought Noah Mills, Samantha’s boy toy, was totally shag-worthy in “SATC2.” Raise your other hand if you wouldn’t mind him doing some full-frontal in the future. Now that we all have our hands in the air and look like idiots … some sad news. In a recent interview, he said full-frontal is a boundary he wouldn’t want to cross. “I’m already a model and there’s a lot of things that are assumed about me. You see other actors doing full-frontal—like why? For me, at this point, I wasn’t ready to do that. Some nudity is fine, but that’s a little too personal,” he said. Boo! Hiss! [NY Post]

Wait, maybe we can peer pressure him into it. After the jump, some other men who pulled off full-frontal nudity with grace and class. Pay attention, Noah.

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