What Mariah Carey And Nick Cannon Should Name Their Baby

And finally, we are starting to get some answers on which famous ladies are actually pregnant and which just made unfortunate wardrobe decisions involving loose-fitting tops. Yesterday, Alicia Keys announced that—yep—she is in fact preggers. And today, Radar Online has a source that says Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are indeed having a babe. For Mariah, the speculation began when she (a) plumped up, which many thought could be a sign she was trying hormone therapy for in vitro fertilization, (b) said at an awards show, “Something else very special is on the way!” and (c) dropped out of Tyler Perry’s “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide.” When Radar called Mariah’s rep for confirmation, instead of denying the pregnancy, she said, “I’m not at liberty to discuss Mariah’s personal life at this time.” Sketchy. But we are very excited for the adorable couple and are happy Mariah is joining the proud camp of hot Hollywood mamas over 40. [Radar]

Mariah has historically picked horrendous names for her movies and albums, and we don’t want to see this baby end up named Butterfly. After the jump, some name suggestions.

  • Mick. Their names combined would be perfect if they have a boy.
  • Kitten. Because Mariah likes them?
  • Antigua. A tribute to the place where they first met on the set of her video for “Bye Bye.”
  • Mimi. It would be Mariah’s version of a junior if she has a girl.
  • Glitter. Yes, it’s gross. But it is a degree better than the aforementioned Butterfly.
  • Honey. Same reason.
  • Hero. For a boy, I actually kind of like this one.
  • Angel. Since her last album was about an imperfect one. Would work for a boy or girl.
  • Hunter. Boys named Hunter always turn out hot.
  • Nicolette. For a girl, after her papa.
  • Matthias. For a boy, just because we like it.