The Real Story Behind “The Real Housewives Of New Jersey” Charity Event Drama

On Monday’s episode of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” black sheep Danielle Staub attended a charity dinner at The Brownstone, the event facility owned and operated by the Manzo family. Caroline and Dina Manzo, of course, are fellow cast members on the hit Bravo show, and since the beginning they — along with Teresa Giudice and Jacquelina Laurina — have been at odds with Staub. Last season culminated in Teresa overturning a table and shouting that Danielle was a “prostitution whore,” the best grammatically incorrect insult, um, ever. Anyway, Danielle has been behaving super odd during this second season, seemingly continuing a “war” with the Manzos even though they seem genuinely bored by her antics. Danielle claimed to be scared of the Manzos and enlisted a parolee with a bad hairdo and a Hell’s Angel as part of her “entourage” for this charity event, which Danielle was clearly only attending to cause drama, not to actually raise money for a baby named Emanuela, who is sick with cancer. If Danielle Staub had any supporters following this week’s episode, people who think her intentions are good and not totally bats**t crazy, she won’t have any now that the people who were throwing the event are talking.According to an article in NJ’s Star-Ledger newspaper, Danielle was invited to attend the event, but she wasn’t given an entire table — on the episode, Danielle and her gang of thugs throw a fit when they don’t have places for all of them to sit. The organizers did give the OK for Danielle to be filmed at the event for the show, but when she showed up with six others and a crew of cameras, they were thrown off guard. Though the Manzos and their staff did their best to accommodate Staub and her crew by bringing in another table, Danielle was still unhappy with the table’s placement — one of her “bodyguards” even pushed a woman manning an auction table. Oh, and about that auction. Danielle, who made a big show about being at the event to raise money for baby Emanuela, allegedly only ponied up $10 for the auction. Klassy!

Thankfully, other attendees were far more charitable with their money and time, raising enough money to help the family pay for the baby’s remaining chemo sessions. Emanuela is doing well and her family told the Star-Ledger that they thank the Manzos “for putting Emanuela’s benefit over the differences that they have with Danielle.” Current score: Manzos, 1; Danielle, a whole lot of lost respect and marbles.