Summer Heat Brings On Tour Cancellation Fever

There is a dangerous outbreak on the loose. Lucky for us, it only affects musicians. A rash of bands and performers have been canceling dates or entire tours for a variety of reasons, with scheduled dates in the U.S. suffering the most terminations. U2 has called off the North American leg of their tour to give lead singer Bono time to recover from emergency back surgery. Rock band Muse has axed and postponed several dates in the United States to allow the drummer of the band to be home for the birth of his child. When it comes to health and family, tour cancellations are understandable, especially when both bands are promising refunds and make up dates. A little less forgivable was Christina Aguilera erasing her entire North American tour because she didn’t feel ready and her people wanted the concerts to be closer to the release of her film “Burlesque.” This means if you want to see Christina get “Bionic” you will have until 2011.

Other cancellations include John Mayer, who announced today that he’s knocking off the last part of his European leg due to an illness; and rapper Pitbull, who decided not to do the dates he had scheduled in Arizona as a protest against their immigration laws. On top of all this, I was surprised that Limp Bizkit was still around, but now they may be one step closer to extinction because they decided not to do their tour at the last moment. Basically if you got concert tickets for the near future, hold on to them tight and hope for the best, because this canceling thing seems to be contagious. Have any you been devestated by a particularly painful concert cancellation?

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