And What About Plus-Size Male Models?

Is the plus-size model debate one-sided? When it comes to talking about how the fashion industry promotes unhealthy female images, the male gaze might be silent, but nevertheless it’s there: Our models’ bodies look increasingly like those of little boys; the petite shape serves to give off a certain amount of commercial sex appeal. So we begin a dialogue about how curves can be sexy, or how plus-size women need more positive exposure in fashion. But did we ever stop to consider that the body image issue isn’t just applicable to females? In the latest issue of Fantastic Man, an indie men’s fashion magazine, one editorial focuses on not-so-slender men, complete with bellies, chunky arms, and rounded bottoms. The shoot’s subhead: “A series of stylistic suggestions for bold summer fashions to be worn by gentlemen of quite marvelous shape.” Is the body image debate just as prevalent for men? (Male models have been looking more and more waif-like over the years …) Should there be more attention on plus-size male models? If a girl has a bit of a tummy and we say she has “sexy curves,” can we say the same thing of a guy with a beer belly? Sound off in the comments! [Blackbook]