New Study Says More Than Half Of All Couples Are Unhappy

Bad news about relationships, folks. They might not be as fun as we think—especially when we are single and we see a canoodling couple. According to a new study, six out of 10 couples are no longer in the honeymoon phase. To be precise, they are fairly miserable and feel their relationship has much room for improvement. Of those six couples, four of them want out and one out of 10 doesn’t even trust their partner anymore. Geez, why even stay together at that point? But the stats get more depressing. Of the 3,000 couples surveyed, 75 percent don’t have sex as often as when they started dating (well, duh), more than 50 percent say that their partner is no longer affectionate, 25 percent say that their sex lives are obligatory, 33 percent say acts of spontaneity have ceased, 13 percent don’t share the same vision for their lives, 19 percent don’t spend enough time together, and seven percent don’t even like each other anymore. Holy relationship sadness! Almost makes you want to stay single … forever. People in a happy relationship, now would be the time to pipe up and offer words of encouragement! After the jump, the top 10 relationship complaints from the survey.

  1. Lack of spontaneity
  2. Lack of romance
  3. Bad sex life
  4. Not enough time together
  5. Not enough communication
  6. Don’t want the same things for their future
  7. Lack of trust
  8. Lack of affection
  9. Lack of honesty
  10. Don’t like each other anymore

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