Mandles: Candles For The Man Who Likes A Room That Smells Like Fart

I’m not going to be shy about this. I’m a big supporter of the idea that men should have man things. Their own style underpants. Their man caves. Their awful brands of beer. In that spirit, I gave two big thumbs up to the blessed arrival of THE ORIGINAL MAN CANDLE. I’m so excited about it, it makes me want to use all-caps all the time. They’re candles! Made for men! They are MANDLES. But what the heck does a man candle smell like? Find out after the jump. Pot roast.

French fries.


Draft beer.


A garage.




And … farts? I understand sawdust. I even get football. But FARTS? Does some man out there long for the stench of flatulence? “Now you can just blame it on the candle,” the product copy explains. Huh? If someone can enlighten me on this fart candle, please do.

[Original Man Candle via The Sexist]