Couple Shocked To Find Out They Are Half Siblings

Back when my boyfriend and I both had long hair, we occasionally got asked if we were brother and sister. As you might imagine, it was awkward, especially when we defined our relationship for the asker. Well, this discomfort is mild compared to a Irish couple’s recent revelation that gives the grandmother and grandson having a baby together competition on the weirdness scale. The pair, who have a young son, recently confirmed through DNA testing that they are each other’s half-siblings. Understandably, the couple has chosen to remain anonymous and go by fake names in the press, fearing how public knowledge of the news would affect their son. It was discovered that things were a little too all in the family for James and his girlfriend Maura when James reconnected with his estranged mother and started telling her about his long-term girlfriend. Once the mother learned the full name of Maura’s father, Tom, she confessed to her son that the dad he was raised with was not his real father, and that she believed Tom was dad to both him and Maura. Apparently, Tom and James’ mother had a brief relationship; she found out she was pregnant after the split and decided to not tell Tom. Several years later, when he had a wife and daughter, Tom found out about the pregnancy and tried to make contact with his son.

The court and strict family laws in Ireland barred Tom from meeting with James, which eventually allowed Maura and James to innocently fall in love, unaware of their incestuous relationship. The couple says they plan to stay together, possibly get married and have more children in the future. Tom, James, and Maura are also looking to take legal action against the judge and child psychologist who prevented Tom from meeting James and, in turn, allowed this predicament to happen. I hope things work out the best they can in this situation. I also have an urge to call my mother and ask about any secret lovers. [Daily Mail]

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