Inspiration Board: “Diff’rent Strokes”

My first thought after reading about Gary Coleman’s passing was “Whatchu talkin’ ’bout, Willis?” Even though Gary had some troubles as an adult, I couldn’t help but remember chubby-cheeked Arnold, his character on the ’70s and ’80s show “Diff’rent Strokes.” Then, I thought about the classic urban-American sportswear the young Drummonds and Charlene DuPrey, Janet Jackson’s character, sported on the show. Arnold loved his football jerseys and sneakers. Willis was mad for plaid. Kimberly kept covered in high-neck blouses. Charlene styled it up with V-neck sweaters. And jeans were a wardrobe staple for all four. After the jump, get inspired by the wardrobe on “Diff’rent Strokes” without looking like a blast from the past.

1. JET Football Jersey, $100, Boutique to You
2. Plaid Western Shirt, $20, Aeropostale
3. Pleated Tie-Neck Blouse, $24.99 on sale, Gap
4. V-Neck Puff-Sleeve Sweater, $39.90, Express
5. Suede Sneakers, $65, Puma
6. Silence & Noise Crease Pull-On Jean, $29.99 on sale, Urban Outfitters