The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Of The “I Hate Females Who …” Twitter Trending Topic

As soon as Amelia told me “I hate females who …” had become a trending topic on Twitter, I knew no good could come of this: Yes, let’s list all the things we hate about the way women look and behave, because the mainstream media isn’t doing that enough!

But it was actually a nice surprise to see how different people interpreted the prompt. The majority of people who joined in the trending topic “I hate females who …” saw it as just another opportunity to talk the usual s**t about women who are ugly/slutty/not feminine or pretty enough. Yet some people actually had things to say that weren’t totally sexist. Let’s investigate … THE GOOD:
I hate females who …

  • … act extremely stupid
  • … ditch their friends for their boyfriends
  • … are with guys who do them wrong, they know they do, and stay with the guy anyway
  • … cry over a dude that DGAF about them.
  • … try too hard to fit into a crowd. like really? just be yourself and that should get you friends.
  • … pretend to be your friend in front of your face but behind your back it’s a whole other story
  • … pretend
  • … 1) wear too much makeup 2) try to be stupid in front of guys 3) over sensitive
  • … constantly say “I’m fat” when this bitch is skinny as hell
  • … act dumb and think it’s cute
  • … think their looks will get them everywhere in life
  • … talk trash, are not educated & have zero goals … but they proclaim themselves to be “classy”
  • … hate on other girls for no reason … worry about bettering yourself!
  • … don’t know their worth. Women are the best thing on this planet.

I hate females who …

  • … are whores!
  • … can’t keep their legs closed
  • … think they can control men with p**sy power
  • … let themselves go after having a baby
  • … always kicking it with that one fugly friend.
  • … can’t dress. It irks me!
  • … swear they are cute when they are looking a hot mess
  • … wear synthetic hair and let it get nappy
  • … act like they’re all that. Got news for you, love, you ain’t.
  • … can’t tell the difference between sexy and slutty

I hate females who …

  • … smell (down there)
  • … got a loose p***y with no walls
  • … act like they don’t know they smell like weekold lukewarm sushi
  • hair, nails, feet never done …. bitch get yourself together! Ugh!
  • … look like they should have a penis.
  • … who say “I’m 100% sure you’re the father” … bitch, you f*** everyone
  • … dress like a ho, but don’t want to be called one


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