French Marie Claire Goes Curvy

Lately I’ve been feeling really unhappy about my body. Mind you, I’ve been majorly slacking on working out and the most exercise I’ve been getting is a lot of walking on the weekends, riding my bike around my ‘hood sometimes, and the occasional Bikram yoga session. Couple that sad amount of effort with my up-and-down diet (sometimes I’m really healthy, sometimes I am a one-woman carb-hoarder) and my body is lookin’ a little mushy. Now, I still think I need to get my ass in workout mode — for my health, if nothing else — but the June issue of French Marie Claire is reminding me how sexy curves are. I mean, who cares if my inner thighs always touch and I have a little muffin top — these women do and look how lush and gorgeous they are! Sure, they’ve still been airbrushed like all the models in major magazines, but regardless, their curves — and hell, maybe mine too — scream femininity and sex appeal. Check out a few more photos after the jump. Meanwhile, I’m going to eat some cheese.